About the GRCC

The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to empower local businesses through a proactive and inclusive approach to community issues. While just established in 2015, the Greater Ravenswood Chamber is tied to a 57-year history of fostering a vibrant, locally-focused economy in Ravenswood. 

Through a variety of innovative programs, initiatives and special events, including the management of SSA#31, the GRCC aims to provide its members with access to information and resources vital to long-term success. The Greater Ravenswood Chamber is guided by the belief that creativity, sustainable living and diverse industry position Ravenswood as a destination neighborhood.

Megan Bunimovich
Executive Director

Gene Wagendorf III
Events & Marketing Coordinator

Margaret O’Conor
Development Director

Michael Sewall
SSA Program Coordinator

Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce
1770 W Berteau, Suite 207
Chicago IL, 60613
(773) 250-7640

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