Things To Do On Malt Row

Calling all beer lovers! Nestled in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood, Malt Row is a haven for craft beer enthusiasts. This vibrant corridor boasts a concentration of breweries, distilleries, and wineries, offering something for every palate, making it a key part of Chicago’s nightlife.

Here are some things you can do on Malt Row:

  • Embark on a brewery crawl: Sample diverse brews from various breweries, like the innovative IPAs at Half Acre or the experimental lagers at Dovetail. With so many options, plan your crawl based on your favorite styles or try something new! This is a perfect way to experience the bars and pubs of the area.
  • Take a brewery tour: Go behind the scenes and learn about the brewing process. Witness firsthand the transformation of raw ingredients into your favorite beverage, a must-do for those interested in the entertainment and educational aspects of beer making.
  • Relax in a taproom: Kick back and enjoy a pint or glass of wine in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Many taprooms offer live music, games, and even food trucks, contributing to the vibrant nightlife.
  • Enjoy live entertainment: Catch local musicians performing at some of the taprooms, adding to the lively atmosphere and showcasing the entertainment value of Malt Row.
  • Pair your drinks with delicious food: While most breweries don’t have their own kitchens, many allow you to bring your own food (BYOF) or order from nearby restaurants, enhancing the dining experience.
  • Explore other local businesses: Take a break from the brews and explore the surrounding shops, cafes, and art galleries that contribute to the unique character of Ravenswood. This is a great way to enjoy the shopping and art scene, and maybe even discover some historical sites.

Malt Row is not just about drinks; it’s about experiencing the vibrant community and indulging in a shared passion for good beer. So grab your friends, designate a driver, and embark on your own Malt Row adventure!